Home air conditioner installation and repair

The call out fee is 150 UAH. No call out fee if the amount of work starts from 250 UAH. Diagnostics of your home - for free!


Minor repairs, replacement of parts, from 50
Recharging air conditioner with Freon (depends on the power of model), from 100
Home air conditioner disinfection, from 100
Home air conditioner diagnosis 150
Air return grid cleaning (wall mounted indoor unit), from 250
Air return grid cleaning (сeiling type a/c), from 350
Air conditioner disassembly, from 400
Air conditioning repair , from 400
Air conditioning compressor replacement, from 800
Air conditioning installation (depends on the power of model), from 1100

Our rates depend on the complexity and conditions of work. The final price is agreed with our expert or with the call-center operator.

Price list of other services

Annual subscription with special prices

Everyone knows that the air conditioner is not a device which you can just plug in and it starts cooling or heating. It is a type of equipment where how it will work depends on who will install it. A proper installation guarantees you won't have any problems with your air conditioner in future. It will save your time and money. Air conditioning installation is a very time-consuming process that requires not only professional tools but also qualified skills. To install air conditioner properly certain rules should be observed. Those are: type of air conditioner, location, level of power consumption, size, level of noise, etc.

Installation can be standard and non-standard. Standard means technically simplesolutions based on typical air conditioning installation areas. In the second case you decide where you want it to be and if it is technologically possible to put it there, your wish will come true. The price for this type of installation is higher than for the standard .

Our company offers air conditioning installation services in Kyiv. We provide you with highly qualified professionals who will follow all required proceduresfor air conditioning installation. Our experts will help you to choose the type and the model of air conditioner which is more suitable to your area than any other. They will make all necessary calculations in order to minimize any of your possible financial, time or other losses. Also we do non-standard installation.If you need it our specialists will do their best to find the most effective technological and financial solution for you.

Also we repair air conditioners in Kyiv. If your air conditioner suddenly stopped working you urgently need to contact us. The breaking can be caused by the leak of Freon which is not safe for you.

Another popular reason of the breakage is a pollution of the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner. In this case our company is ready to provide you cleaning services. It should be remembered that it is important not to delay this procedure because the accumulation of the spores or fungi can also negatively affect your health.

If you want to know the price for installation in your place you only have to call one of the numbers on our website or submit the application form online. The estimate price will be calculated instantly. It is important to remember that the manufacturer's warranty does not apply to the types of failures that occurred through the fault of the air conditioner installer. We will provide our guarantee for the performed works.

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