Plumbing services

The call out fee is 150 UAH. No call out fee if the amount of work starts from 250 UAH. Diagnostics of your home - for free!


Minor plumbing repairs 25
Clear mixer 50
Replace rubber gaskets 100
Replace washing machine flexible hose 100
Bleed the riser of radiator 100
Clear shower heads, a coarse filter 100
Install / replace radiator thermostat 100
Replace water fine filter cartridge 150
Clear siphon (sink, basin) 150
Replace silicone near plumbing appliances, linear meter 200
Clear siphon (bath, shower cabin) 200
Replace / repair / install mixer 250
Install electric tankless water heater 250
Drill the hole in the sink faucet (metal) 250
Dismantle technical unit 300
Mount technical unit 300
Repair drain system 300
Drill the hole in the sink faucet (marble) 300
Replace / install water strainer 350
Replace/ repair / install plumbing items (price depends on complexity of work) 350
Replace osmosis membrane 350
Replace / repair / install toilet tank 350
Install a pressure regulator 350
Hourly pay for specialized work that is not listed in the price list 350
Install fine filter 350
Clear the sewage (toilet) 400
Replace osmosis filters 400
Install electric hot water tank heater (boiler) 1100
Install a reverse osmosis system 800

Our rates depend on the complexity and conditions of work. The final price is agreed with our expert or with the call-center operator.

Price list of other services

Annual subscription with special prices

When you buy a plumbing equipment, first of all you pay a lot of attention to its quality. Unfortunately any equipment has its lifetime. There are a lot of ads in the internet offering plumbing repairs in Kyiv. But if you appreciate a true professionalism not only in manufacturing of equipment but also in the process of its replacement you simply cannot afford to do it by the amateur.

To call a plumber in Kyiv is a simple matter. It is difficult to find a professional who will not only harm but also fix the break. Our company provides you with real professionals who have a rich experience dealing with the equipment of various manufactures and its different types of faults. Due to this our specialist can quickly understand your issue and save your time. High level of expertise allows our experts to work even in cases of force majeure.

Our specialists are careful, have a high level of skill so you will not have any problems with stereotypes about plumbers.

We provide you with any kind of plumbing work in Kyiv from minor repairs to the removal and installation of various devices. When it is necessary our expert will give his full support in the current emergency situation. Once you urgently need a plumber to resolve any problems we will respond quickly to your call and solve the problem as soon as possible. All you will have to do is just contact us at one of the numbers posted on the site or submit an online application with the description of your problem.

Our specialists are eager to find an individual approach to each client and each plumbing device. They will understand and respect any your wish and do their job quickly, accurately and efficiently so it will not take you long to see a result.

In Kyiv the variety of prices for plumbing services strongly depend on personal needs of theparticular specialist. In this issue our company focuses on specific aspects of services such as the amount of work, the cost of materials and components, plumbing tools, level of urgency, etc. Thus, you can be sure of the validity of the service cost. The price lists for our services can be found on our website.

And if you are looking for a plumbing services in Kyiv we hope you already know the right answer. Our experts are highly qualified which guarantees your problem to be solved in the most prompt and efficient way as it is possible.

Ordering plumbing services in our company “Masterio” you can count on an individual approach, attention of call-center operators, rapid respond to your problem, transparent pricing and high level of service. We aim to become a new standard on the market of household services!


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