It is difficult to overestimate the role of the interior in each of our lives. A well-designed interior creates the comfort of our home. It helps us to relax, have fun, forget about any troubles at work and rest more efficiently. So it means our quality of life depends on the environment that we create. However, the design does not tolerate amateurism. If you need a good result you should entrust to the professionals!

There are a lot of studios performing interior design in Kiev. Let's find out why you should choose us and what are the criterias for choosing the best design studio?

  • Years of experience in the market;
  • hundreds of satisfied customers;
  • professional approach of our specialists to your needs and requirements;
  • implementation of the projects of any complexity;
  • individual planning and budgeting;
  • fair and reasonable prices.

We maintain high levels of service by working on an contractual basis . For your better understanding what it means let us show you all the steps we make towards creating the unique interior design of your place:

  • we agree the scope of the project and its price;
  • then we enter into a contract and take the advance payment;
  • our designer comes to your place and does all required measurements ;
  • customers are offered the options of alterations and those the client  likes we use in our future design concept ;
  • we develop the drawings and visualization.

Using our services, you can order a stylish interior design of your home, office or apartment design in Kiev ,the price of which will be transparent and justified.Qualified professionals will take care of all the problems connected with the optimal organization of space, will take into account the nuances and characteristics of your premise.Our company has an extensive experience in the implementation of the house design in Kiev, as well as the special and unique design of the luxury apartments in Kiev.We provide our services of interior design in Kiev efficiently and promptly.

A really good-looking interior design is not only a contemporary trend but also this is a smart and balanced solution that meets all the requirements of ergonomics. Professional home design in Kiev skillfully emphasizes all the advantages of planning, delicately concealing its weaknesses, thus making the disadvantages into advantages.You can order any style of interior design in Kiev that appeals to you and your lifestyle.

Ordering interior design, you get a clear understanding and vision of your future embodied in the object. Individual design is carried out in several stages.

The first step will be meeting with our designer.

At a specified time, he will arrive at the facility, so you do not have to change your plans. During the first meeting, you will be able to express your personal wishes about how you see your home. On the basis of this data, we draw up a plan of interior design in Kiev. Our designer will answer the following questions:

  • what style will the interior be designed in;
  • what color scheme will be chosen;
  • how will the furniture be placed;
  • how will the lighting be placed.

The second step is a direct planning.

Having studied the brief, the designer begin drafting drawing. Successful zoning, maximum space and light are the fundamental principles of the future plan. When it is completed, it's time for the second meeting. You can get acquainted with the work plan of apartment design in Kiev, price and add it with your own comments. And if you agree with all proposed changes, we can calculate the final estimate. The amount specified therein will remain unchangeable. The cost of interior design is regulated and adapted to the client's ability to pay.

Ordering custom interior design service in our studio you have the opportunity to see 3D model of the future interior prepared by our expert. It will help you to see how your home will look like after re-design.

Before the finishing and repair works start our designer will create the model of a new interior design and will also assist in the selection of building materials, furniture, lighting and other interior items.

Together we can create the interior design of your dreams ! It will make you feel the real harmony while living in your newly re-designed apartment . A unique  interior design  will be not only the aesthetic component, but also be comfortable with a functional point of view. Our designer will do his best to find the most appropriate variants for your premises.

Do you have any further questions? Ask them to us in person! It's enough to send us an email or call on one of the numbers on the website.

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