Apartments and cottages renovation


Primer surface, m2 20
Anti-mold treatment, m2 25
Wallpaper removal, m2 30
Putty removal, m2 35
Plaster removal, m2 35
Baseboard removal, linear meter 35
Tile removal, m2 35
Grouting, m2 40
Wall / ceiling painting, 2 layers (emulsion paint), m2 45
Laminate flooring removal, m2 45
Styrofoam gluing,m2 45
Plaster wall repair mesh reinforcement, m2 45
Floorboard removal, m2 45
Floor screed removal, m2 50
Polyurethane crown moldings installation, linear meter, from 60
Spackling walls for wallpapering, m2 70
Wallpapering, m2, from 70
Baseboard (installation), linear meter 70
Plastering, m2 70
Door units removal,m2, from 80
Floor screeding, m2 80
Wall alignment, m2 80
Windows removal, m2, from 90
Drywall installation, m2 90
Floorboard layout, m2 90
Laminate flooring layout, m2 90
Drywall soffits installation, linear meter, from 110
Grouting (old grout removal and replacing with the new one) m2 140
Tile layout, m2 140
Spackling walls for painting and decorative plastering, m2 150
Drywall production installation ,m2, from 200
Built-in appliances removal 200
Entrance door installation 800

Our rates depend on the complexity and conditions of work. The final price is agreed with our expert or with the call-center operator.


Once you decide to do complex renovation of your apartment you need to choose the way you want it to be done. It can be either hiring a general contractor like Masterio, directly hiring specialized contractors, or doing the work oneself. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. You choose what is the bestvariant for you. Your first questions may be: What do I renovate? How do I know how much money to spend? The key to the answer lies in your readiness to changes and willingness to take risks. Our advice is to entrust this work to professionals. Like us.

Apartment complex renovations requirea unique set of skills. It starts with understanding ofthe full scope of the renovations from a construction standpoint to managing and having the availability of trained crews to be able to complete each one of the various scopes at the highest level.

At Masterio we strive to make your experience a comfortable one. We understand that renovating your house or apartment is an important project for you and you want it done on time and done right the first time. We've earned our reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation from years of providing services that meet all the needs of our clients today and in their future.

Our services include exterior reconstruction, window replacement, upgrading electrical, plumbing and mechanical, replacing floor coverings, etc. We do kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, basement renovations and all kinds of custom projects.

We perform demolition and deconstruction, framing, painting, finishing and project management to get it done. Apart from the residential renovation, we also offer office renovation services to meet the diverse needs of the clients.

Our vast experience in past apartment rehabilitations gives us the understanding and know-how to finish projects efficiently, promptly and at minimal cost. We guarantee all of our work. You also get a servicemaintenance of your newly renovated apartment. If you give us the opportunity to design and quote your project, you’ll be surprised how affordable it can be.


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