«Masterio» is a Ukrainian company which was established to provide a full range of high quality household and municipal services to its clients. The head office is situated in Kyiv.

We operate in Kyiv and provide our services both to individuals and legal entities. Also you get our guarantee for all kinds of services so your rights are protected.

We offer:

♦    interior design services
♦    appartment renovation service
♦    plumbing services
♦    electrical services
♦    small home repairs services
♦    carpenter services
♦    furniture assembly and restoration services
♦    repair of windows and its preventive maintenance
♦    repair and installation of household appliances
♦    installation and maintenance of air conditioners
♦    professional cleaning services
♦    moving services
♦    trucking services
♦    a maintenance services within the annual subscription at special prices!

Our mission is to become the first and most trusted Ukrainian national network of household service centers. We want to create a new culture of household service based on a completely new approach to solving the problems.

Our values are:
•    efficiency
•    reliability
•    craftsmanship
•    decency
•    attention to details
•    self-improvement

We appreciate your trust in us and hope that we can help you become happier !

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